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 However, managing your social networks can take a lot of work, resources, time, and social media expertise most local business owners don’t have.  With Omni-Social Channels we provide a one stop solution to manage your Social Media Accounts.

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Omni-Social Simplifies Social Media

Put Stress To Rest

With our Social Marketing solution, you’ll gain the social exposure your business needs, improve customer engagement, and increase web traffic—all at the same time while barely lifting a finger.

Manage Social Networks From One Location

Monitor Facebook, Twitter, Foursquare, and Google+ content from one easy-to-use dashboard.

Gather Ready-To-Publish Content

Save time and energy with customizable settings that allow you to find and republish your industry’s hottest news.

Post To Multiple Social Channels

From one tab, you can publish content to multiple social sites with the push of a button.

Receive Real-Time Social Leads & Interact Instantly

Discover and interact with leads who are looking for products and services like yours in real-time.

Schedule Posts In Advance

Set-up and preview posts before you publish them and build all of your week’s content in one sitting.  Get Free access to Perfect Social Posting Calendar – When you get Social.

Track Performance Across Profiles

Get important stats that provide insights into your social profiles for better content strategy and customer engagement.

Omni Social Channels
    Having a  Local Social Media Marketing Agency on board to strictly work on social media marketing is very beneficial to any business. We are experts in the field and will do more than just post content every once in a while. Beyond generally making engaging and informative post, we will gain insights into potential customers online and be able to use that knowledge to apply a Local social media targeted campaign with an aim to drive sales. Social Media Manager that  knows where to find great content and create engaging posts surrounding it.Before jumping in and hiring someone to take over the business’s social media pages, it is important to understand what a Social Media Manager should do and what to look for to find the right candidate.

What Questions You Should Ask?

Questions YOU need to have answers for.

  1. What experience and examplese can they show?
  2. What Social Networks will they manage for your business?
  3. How do they report results and Analytics to you?
  4. Will the campaign include Ad spend?
  5. What is the process for ongoing collaboration and communication?
  1. Can you describe your ideal customer – In detail?
  2. Do you know your target area?
  3. Who are your top 3 competitors?
  4. What other forms of Advertising doing & done in the past?
  5. What is budget have you determined for Ad spend? ( Avg. 10%)

Experience and Analytics Are Crucial Social Media Marketing

They should have experience specifically in social media marketing and be able to provide actionable steps with proven results. There is a lot more to it than just posting a picture of a product. First, a Local Social Media marketer will be aware of what is going on in social media by listening to the environment and the social media platform users. Social media is always changing. A Social Media Manager should stay up-to-date on the latest algorithms to know how to present content. They should be aware of different audiences throughout WV, KY, OH, and the rest of the country.  Different areas and industries have different habits, and even different times to post on social media for optimum result. Analytics tell the truth and should be revisited often as factors can change. Because of this, changing approach may be implemented. A good Social Media Manager should continuously test methods, headlines, times of posts, and not be afraid to revisit past strategies.

Satisfied Customers Will Leave.
Raving Fans Stay Forever.

Our Social Media Marketing is aimed at multiple things, but the most important is creating a relationship and bond between our clients and their customers.  A Social Media Manager at OmniPro Global will know how to build relationships with existing followers while aiming to bring in new ones. They can take advantage of the knowledge gained from insights from other accounts inside of the targeted area.

Whether it be West Virginia, Ohio, Kentucky, or anywhere in the United States to tailor content and make sure it is in a language and tone that relates to Maui’s audience. They should take the time to research the likes and dislikes of the audience within the client region and implement Geographical Social Strategy into the content. Also, a sense of humor helps! Humor sells on social media. It usually evokes a positive reaction and will keep the brand memorable. In the same way television ads can drive sales, humorous social media posts can bring in a huge following.

Do You Check Your
Social Media Analytics?

Analytics will give you information on how your posts are performing, and If certain types of posts are getting higher engagements than others. A Social Media Marketer should take this into consideration when planning and organizing future posts. They should also be able to communicate these results to the company in a way you can understand.

Social Media Marketing always should be driven by the results your posts are creating.  There are multiple types of posts and some naturally don’t get much response even thought they have a high view rate.  That’s why engagement posts are so important. An engagement post creates interaction with your brand and customer, not only strengthening the connection of them to your business but also in the eyes of the social sites algorithm.  Your Social Media Marketing team should regularly be analyzing these trends.  Adjusting variables and testing styles is part of the process. Find your voice and find the voice your customers love. Every step should be seen as a continuous learning process.

A Social Media Marketer with experience may have a templated process of how they approach social media management and be able to explain why and how it works.  That being said, there is no “one size fits all” when it comes to social media marketing in  West Virginia, Kentucky, and Ohio, or in anywhere in the United States

Even when focusing on smaller areas throughout West Virginia, Ohio, and Kentucky, your Social Media Marketing expert should implement a strategic process to get a page up and running, and begin to evaluate and find insights about the clients audience to determine the most effective strategy. Thus, creating the highest Return on Investment for their customers. 

DIFY - Do It With You -or- DIWY - Do It For You

Some Social Marketing Companies will only create and update your posts on Social Media sites. Others will follow up with “canned” & “approved” responses from the client. While OmniPro Global will work with our clients individual Social Marketing needs, our preference is to let the client respond to comments, messages, reviews, and recommendations.  The reason behind this preferred marketing approach, is simply that you and your staff know whats going on in real time better than anyone and can respond with the most relevant information pertaining to your business.  

If you decide to let someone totally manage your Social Media Accounts, they should be able to interact with your social media followers in a “voice” that mirrors your company brand. 

Social Media Managers located in the Tri-State and throughout the United States must possess know-how and inner working of each Social Media Platform in order to deliver real results. 

What Social Media Metrics Should Be Monitored?

First and foremost is engagement. You simply must have an idea of how many users are commenting, liking, and giving other reactions and to what style of post. Does your Social Media crowd watch videos, clicking links, and more. If engagement is low, there should be a plan on how to increase this. The next metric to consider is marketing leads. It would be ideal if you know how past social media marketing campaigns preformed at generate leads, but if you’re just getting started just make sure to analyze results. 

Every company has should have a plan or goal to benchmark their progress. Knowing your goals for why your are running this campaign is imperative.  

Lets Get Social

Article - What to Look For In a Social Media Marketing Manager

Social Media Managers posts should help pinpoint where local potential customers are in the Consumer Journey (learn what the modern consumer journey looks like) and be able to help guide them to the next step with the right content. They should also know how to help with customer service with both positive and negative experiences that have been shared on the business page. It is crucial to keep a proper tone because posts and comments made on a Social Media Business Page are public. The Social Media Manager will need to know when a response should be moved offline or into private messaging to ensure the customer does not publicly post personal information on public sites that are in West Virginia, Kentucky, Ohio, or anywhere on Social Media Sites throughout the United States. 

Let’s face it when a Local business is under scrutiny for whatever reason, people tend to run as fast as possible to their social media pages for answers, or if they’re not satisfied with a product/service, they will put their complaint on there for all to see. Your Social Media Marketing expert must know how to respond tactfully and within the guidelines your company has laid out..

 As you consider outsourcing your Social Media ask the candidate about their thoughts on short and long term strategies. This  should include communicating with you about your ideal customer, understanding your potential customers and your current customers, then using this info to create content.  They should also include reporting on the insights/analytics on a consistent basis to determine what’s working, and plan for any changing variables. Your Social Media Manager should understand your budget and have a strategy where it  would best be spent? 

Your potential Social Media Manager should have examples of their work to present and show off their expertise. They might have a personal blog to another company’s content, show you other social pages they run, case studies, or websites. Either way, it is an excellent way to see how frequent the posts are. 

Finally, what would be their goals for the company on social media. (really this should be about meeting your goals?) Find out how will the candidate attract the company’s target audience, and how will they engage with them? These questions will enable your business to determine if this potential Social Media Marketing expert is a good fit your company.

Implement these tactics and questions in your search and your sure to find the perfect fit.

-R. Carey


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