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Quickly and easily see where you stand among your competitors.   Our unique OmniPresence Report grades you on the Foundational Elements that Local Marketing is built on.

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5 Key Metrics Of Local Growth

  • Are your creating Awareness? – get detailed breakdown of your Ad Performance across the web and how it compares to your others in your industry.
  • Can your potential customers find you? Findability is huge in today’s world! With over 40% of mobile searches having local intent, you can’t afford to have unclaimed & inaccurate Business Listings.
  • What are people saying about you? Let’s face it, the average consumer is now viewed as the expert with the ability to post Reviews and information  with the click of a button.  Monitoring, responding to, and building your company reputation isn’t something you can mess around with. See your scores with our OmniPresence Report.
  • How are you making it easy for your customer to purchase? Conversions are the next step, once we have created interest, lead the customer to us, and given certainty through others experiences, now it’s time to get them to purchase. Make this process simple with your Website and your on your way to creating your team of fanatics!
  • Last Step is Advocacy. Are you creating satisfied customers or raving fans?  Satisfied customers will leave, raving fans will stay forever!  Use the power of Social Media and the reach of the mobile marketing to create your own tribe and watch your business explode.  We all know how powerful Word-of-Mouth is, but who do you think are the ones out there talking about you? It’s your Tribe! Start building one.