The Mobile Revolution

The world is moving faster than it ever has before, your business has to keep up . The average consumer see’s over 13,000 advertisements per day! So how do you stand out? OmniPro Global helps you put your message in the palm of your customers hand.

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Engage The Mobile Consumer

The world is mobile and almost everything we do is accomplished on that little device that is in our pocket. Start using SMS, Email, MMS to put your message in the palm of your customer’s hand.

OmniPro Global has been involved in text marketing for the past 5 years but always was frustrated with the antique nature of how it all came together.  With our solution, we combine the powers of communication to create lasting relationships and raving fans by communicating with them the way we all do in everyday life, via SMS Marketing, MMS Marketing, and Email Marketing.

This Solution brings your text marketing and email marketing together into one platform to supercharge your results. Providing you an easy to use dashboard, multiple types of capture campaigns, and simple analytics to track your results and budget.

Bring your marketing into 2020 with Omnipresence Target Everyone Software Solutions

Your Customer Is Mobile. Is Your Business Strategy?


  • Billions of Emails are sent every single day! 205 billion to be exact. And this number is expected to reach 246 billion by the end of 2019.

  • Return On Investment: Email makes money. For every $1 you spend on email marketing, you can expect an average return of $38.

  •  According to 80 percent of professionals, email marketing drives customer acquisition and retention.

SMS Messaging

  • Texting is the #1 form of communication today, with over 560 BILLION sent each month! Your Customers are texting! 
  • The Average American checks their phone over 65 times a day.
  • 98% of all text messages are read within 4 to 5 minutes of being received.
  • Consumer redeem rates on SMS messages are 10 times higher than any other coupon form in the world.
  • 67% of consumers want to receive text communications, specials, and important information from brands they like.
  • Conversion rates and repeat purchases increase by 44% on avg when SMS campaigns are utilized. 
  • 48% of U.S consumers prefer sms loyalty communications over direct mail, email, or apps
  • 74% of consumers said they have ZERO unread text messages.

Chat Bots

  • 57% of businesses say without questions Chat Bots deliver large ROI with minimal effort.
  • 90% of businesses reporting faster complaint resolution with bots.
  • 70% of Millenials would rather go through a Chat Bot for simple questions.
  • 86% want an option to escalate the conversation to person if they need to.
  • 64% of internet users say that 24hr service Chat Bot is the best feature.
  • 80% of businesses are expected to have some sort of Chat Bot automation by 2020.
  • 83% of consumers believe Chat Bots have the ability to create a better customer service experience
  • Chat Bots can save up to 30% on customer support costs.
  • Over 50 % Consumers believe businesses should be available 24 hrs to answer questions. 

West Virginia

  • Charleston WV
  • Huntington WV
  • Teays Valley WV 
  • Scott Depot WV
  • Parkersburg WV
  • Clarksburg WV
  • Morgantown WV
  • Lewisburg WV 
  • Wheeling WV 
  • Beckley WV 
  • Princeton WV 
  • Fairmont WV 
  • Martinsburg WV


  • Louisville KY
  • Lexington KY
  • Bowling Green KY 
  • Paducah KY
  • Owensboro KY 
  • Florence KY 
  • Elizabethtown KY 
  • Richmond KY 
  • Frankfort KY 
  • Ashland KY


  • Columbus OH 
  • Cleveland OH 
  • Cincinnati OH 
  • Dayton OH 
  • Toledo OH 
  • Akron OH 
  • Canton OH 
  • Youngstown OH 
  • Dublin OH 
  • Westerville OH


  • Richmond VA
  • Virginia Beach VA
  • Alexandria VA
  • Arlington VA
  • Chesapeake VA
  • Norfolk VA
  • Fairfax VA
  • Roanoke VA
  • Fredricksburg VA
  • Charlottesville VA


  • Philadelphia PA 
  • Pittsburgh PA
  • Harrisburg PA
  • Lancaster PA
  • Allentown PA 
  • York PA 
  • Erie PA 
  • Reading PA 
  • West Chester PA 
  • Bethlehem PA 
  • Hershey PA

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