Website Speed - "You're Killin' Me Smalls"

Website Speed and Mobile-First Indexing are 2 things that Google has recently introduced that are really hurting our local small business website rankings. Often Small Business Owners are on a tighter budget and didn’t invest HUGE amounts of money or their websites.

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Here are the 5 Things Your Need To Check That Can Have a Massive Impact

 1. GMB 
  • Have you claimed your Google My Business Listing yet? I know it is a tedious process, and you have a ton to do, but if you haven’t claimed yourself on Google yet, then you can’t even claim you own a business at all. Don’t wait any longer, get started now.
  • Is your website, address, phone number, map coordinates, email, name of the business all correct on the 100’s of listing sites across the web? Are they all in the same format, spelled the same? Have you synced with the 4 major data aggregators? If not this should be your next step.
  • Google has moved to a Mobile-First Indexing system. What’s this mean? Well, if your site isn’t mobile-friendly, then your out of the game faster than a toupee in a hurricane. That means they aren’t ranking you AT ALL. It’s time to get mobile.
4. Website Speed
  • Google feels the Need… the Need for Speed!  Google wants a Great user experience and while internet might be Free to access, Google isn’t gonna have its customers twittling their thumbs waiting on your not cached, script heavy, non optimized images to slow the masses down. They will just take you down…. to the bottom of the rankings.   Optimize your site for speed, it costs almost nothing to have pro do it in just a few days.
5. SSL Certificate
  • I’m actually bit stunned in today’s age how many sites don’t have Security Certificate to protect their customers, but I also understand the state of local business and “doing it yourself” is something we’ve all done. Even if you shouldn’t.  Google will slap you harder than a Ric Flair chest slap if you site is on http: – buy a certificate and get it on your site immediately. Your losing tons of traffic because of it, which means you’re losing tons of money.

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